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What Makes a Great Relationship?

Baking is not my thing. For me, it's too precise (I get one thing wrong and it's a disaster!), too technical, and definitely too messy... or more accurately, I'm messy. Flour gets everywhere and all over me and I don't enjoy it!

I'm glad relationships are not so precise with the ingredients that make a great one. Of course, every great relationship has some common core ingredients, but every relationship is unique.

I asked my husband the other day,

"What are your top three reasons our relationship works?"

So he made a list and I made a list.

What resulted was ultimately what we valued.

Whether you're aware of them or not, your values will determine your priorities and behaviour. A couple that values quality time together will prioritise date nights; a couple that values financial freedom will work together to achieve that, a couple that values honesty will not avoid the difficult conversations.... and so on.

What are your unique relationship values?

The first clue to defining them is to look at your priorities and daily actions/commitments. Are you living according to, or contrary to your relationship values. What can be celebrated? What needs to change? What a great conversation starter!

Oh, and if you're wondering what ours were...

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