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Holiday Reading

With some down time over Christmas & New Year, and a sneaky 50th birthday coming up in Jan, it's a great time for me to do some reading away from text books and theory. I like to have a mix of non-fiction and fiction to pick up whether it's at the beach, somewhere shady and cool or snuggled up in bed... Here's what I'll be reading where-ever I am:

Where the Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens - yes, I know I'm a little late to the party! I haven't watched the movie yet either and want to start with the book. Thanks to my daughter for this one!

Atomic Habits - James Clear - If you, like me love wandering the book store aisles you would have come across this one. I have a couple of big life goals for 2023 and I know it's going to take discipline, prioritising and focus... I might revisit my values while I'm at it... Who wants to join me?

Before You Knew My Name - Jacqueline Bublitz - I picked this up because I loved the cover, then I read the back and knew I would love it. If you love listening to true crime podcasts like me, then this looks like a great crime story.

Eat That Frog! - Brian Tracy - Ok, so a bit of a theme is forming here... another book about getting stuff done. It's a little more simpler and digestible than Clear's offering, and the metaphor of the frog switches your mindset from the get-go. I may also be slipping it into my conversation with my son who's about to start Year 12 next year... great stuff!

Any readers out there want to share their finds?

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